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Gérard Garcin , flautist

Career background :

Nothing foreboded that the young flautist  Gérard Garcin, marching with the Wind Band of his native village would devote his life to musical creation and to the interpretation of works of his time.

After late studies in the «  Conservatoires of Toulon and Marseille », his encounter and work with the flautists Roger Bourdin and Severino Gazzelloni, for the flute, Marcel Frémiot and Franco Donatoni for composition , were crucial in his life of composer and performer.

A double career of flautist and composer , brought him to take part to the musical life of today, in several ways. 

For nearly 50 years, Gérard Garcin has devoted his life to musical creation, creating more than 150 works, including numerous ones dedicated to himself ( by Jacques Lenot, Joan Guinjoan,  Luis de Pablo,  Alain Fourchotte, Jean – Claude Risset, Franco Donatoni, Ahmed Essyad, Jean – Etienne Marie, Gérard Geay, Félix Ibarrondo....)

As a soloist, with various ensembles or with the pianist  Jacques Raynaut, he was led to perform in prestigious places such as  Fondation Miro in Barcelone, Fondation Juan March in Madrid, Radio – France, Radio Nacional de Espana, La Settemana Musicale de l 'Accademia Musicale Chigiana ,   the Festivals « Mancas », « Aujourd'hui Musiques », «Avignon »...  
In the seventies, he also took part to the adventure of « Musiques dans la ville », inititated by Alain Durel, Producer in France Musique ( Aix en Provence , Paris , Bordeaux).

Gérard Garcin forged himself a style or at least an attitude towards « The Musical Fact »

This comment of Guy Erismann sums up the career pathway of Gérard Garcin .


Personal Testimony:

In 1957  a TV Broadcast of « Domaine Musical » made me discover a sonatina for flute and piano played  by  its  composer Pierre Boulez and the Italian flautist Severino Gazzelloni. This fortunate coïncidence was probably determining for the very young flautist I was …..A process was launched : « The Call for Creation » maybe ….

Ten years later, a concert of the « Cecil Taylor Quintet » in the « Fondation Maeght » , followed by a creation of Yannis Xénakis in the Festival of Avignon, were the triggering factors of an « appetite » for « Sound », « Sound Matter », that one produces oneself or others' one that we convey....

In parallel to my studies of composition , my activity as a flautist  projected itself into creation and the very dense musical research that the second part of the XXth century was offering us.

The « making off » of new works often follows tortuous channels ; one moves forward in the mist .But it's also an exciting adventure , with always a happy end , when mist dissipates....The relationship performer / composer is a source of enrichment . The exchanges of ideas they generate, often place the composer and performer in a common, associated research which reminds us of  Machado 's words : «  There is no Path , One just has to move forward ».....


Gérard Garcin

Works from 1972 until today

The underlined titles correspond to works which were dedicated to me and / or created.
(From solo to instrumental ensemble /World creation in or out of France) * = creations to be

Fl = flûte Ut / Picc = piccolo / Fl.alt = flûte alto / = flûte basse / Octobas = flûte octobasse /  Perc = percussion /
Pn = piano / Clav = clavecin /  Acc = accordéon / Hb = hautbois / Vc = violoncelle / Cb = contrebasse / Guit = guitare  /
Ei = ensemble instrumental / Tm = théâtre musical / Vx =voix / Bm = bande magnétique(sons sur support)