Aux sources du fleuve - In memoriam Hector Berlioz
"at the river's sources - In memoriam Hector Berlioz"


Opera - French Government commission.

"At the river's sources" is a fiction about Berlioz as a child, the object of his affections, in particular for the beloved Harriet Simpson, the witches sabbath to take his revenge on being abandonned, love and death fantasies, the excessive orchestration, the genius of the man but also his insuffrable selfishness.
All these elements can be used to develop an alchemy, to transform the ideas and characters into sound, in sonic material following a claimed craft where melody is queen. Each of the characters has their own sonic color. The language is in keeping with the search of an authentic lyricism.
The difference that marked Berlioz's entire life is theatralised by the demanding orchestration, supporting but also engulfing the melody. As an homage to the author of the first orchestration treaty, the opening of this opera is entirely entrusted to the wind instruments. Entitled "Euphonia or the free jump", this opening links to the "creator child", a scene where the composer (Berlioz) is haunted by his child double. This scene is entirely played by children.