Concertino for oboe and cord orchestra
Commissioned by the Dominicans of Haute Alsace

This concerto doesn't follow the usual structure of a concerto for wind instrument and orchestra that often requires a symphonic orchestra. We are therefore half way between a classic concerto and a chamber music piece. The piece is in three parts.
If the oboe solo is enhanced during the whole length of the piece, the violin solo is brought to express itself or create a dialogue with the soloist.

« borboletas » means « butterflies » in Portuguese.
One of Gerard Garcin's drivers of inspiration is to borrow from local heritage. In other cases, the composer invents himself a story. It is the case for « Borboletas » where G Garcin imagined a concert of butterflies gathering pollen from the flower of the oboe solo in full bloom...
It is at least the project of the first movement. The wind ensemble uses with excess the natural harmonics produced by each of the intrument, thus creating a butterfly atmosphere...
The second movement puts the emphasis on the violin solo as if this one wanted to replace the oboe solo (maybe stealing its repertoire) but it will then create a dialogue with the oboe ending by a sort of a calm and expressive improvisation.
The third movement re-establishes the role of the oboe solo in a very expressive language with the orchestra's rhythmic support, which often gives the character of a dance.