Le Matin D'Orphée
"Orpheus' morning"


text by Max Loreau
commissioned by Radio France

This piece came through the encounter with the poet Max Loreau and the intense exchanges between poet and composer, both passionate about the link between text and music in music creation.
« Orpheus' morning » is a dialogue between Orpheus and Eurydice. This piece follows the 15 poems written by Max Loreau for Gerard Garcin.
From this series of poems, the opera « in the spur of the moment » was created.
Orpheus' morning is in a way the abridged score of this opera.
Mr Loreau's libertto follows Orpheus' myth. The composition project was to be as faithful as possible to this mythology, without giving up on exploring new languages.
Piano and cello are in a way similar to the Orpheus and Eurydic duet.