First comes the image, in all its sensory parameters. Scene or object collected in the visible universe, or in the dream, or in the memory. Why this image? Because it is strong, because it is in resonance with an emotion, a personal history, because it moves, because it sings. Then the writing comes, paying attention to this "other sense" brought by the music of the words.

Then comes the musician, on the look-out for the structure of the text.

No a priori respect of a writing system.

All techniques of writings are possible. The choice of material is related to the general character of the piece.

The work of the composer initially concerns the search for a specific "mode". Then the work is built by following the text step by step (play on the timbre or the thickness of the sound). The instrument is often mixed with the voice.

The music underlines a color, comments on, airs, tightens, creates new relationships between the lines and between the words.

Audio samples:
"Au pays des mirages"     
"j'ai brule au soleil"     

Performed by Isabel Soccoja (soprano), Bernard Lebon (flute) and Jean-Louis Delahaut (piano).