Prelude pour Hamelin


They are three sketches for "Jean de Malheni", musical tale inspired by the legend of Hans the "Hamelin's flute performer".

Here the matter concerns musical theatre, giving priority to the framework ot the narration and of the text. The instruments play a role of decoration (space, color, depth, sometimes play on the timbres in extreme cases of illustration) and/or rhythm of action.

The work functions in a different way:

the first part is a sort of apostrophe which introduces the drama.
the second one is an entertainment: game with words, sounds, rhythms.
the third part is closer to the writing of the "Mirages".

Audio sample:
"Le conseil municipal"     

Performed by Isabel Soccoja (soprano), Evelyne Martina Daussy (cello), Bernard Lebon (flute) and Jean-Louis Delahaut (piano).