Seulement un signe
"just a sign"


Poems by Yvonne Quinzii

"Just a sign" is a "second reading" of "traces" for voice and cello, piece written for Isabel Soccoja and Evelyne Martina Daussy.

For Gerard Garcin, this second reading of composition is not easily done. It is in fact the life of the work, its progression in time. It is as if the composer was becoming his own performer and was taking over the work again for a new creation.

As for "traces", the main component of "just a sign" is its text.

Yvonne Quinzii's poems play the role of the instigators, the incentives.

Their own musicality is amplified by the research work of the composer (mix of timbres, melody creating the depth, the texture of the sound).

The music anticipates, supports, where the poetry's memory is.


Audio sample:

1st part     

Ensemble Linéa coductor Jean Philippe Wurtz
Monica Brett-Crother mezzo soprano
Keiko Murakami, flute
Eva Debonne, harp
Asuka Hatanaka, percussion
Michael Pattmann, percussion
Vincent Roth, viola
Johannes Burghoff, cello